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by the fbi agent posing as a taliban go between. it was a set up. he has history of mental illness and judge says that was taken that consideration in the decision. he apologized to the jump and said would he seek psychiatric help while in prison. >> governor brown ended mystery today over whether he would run for reelection this year. the answer? yes. here's the picture he tweeted took out his papers this morning. he has been camey in the election plans and they said with march 7 filing dead lane approaching he has been watching the calendar. but he has been raising money. he's already got 17 million dollars in the bank. brown is 75 years old and if reelected it would be his fourth term as california governor. >> fremont police department is hosting a workshop tonight to help residents use the home security camera. the city scott creek neighborhood is peppered with camera after series of break-ins. tonight workshop will teach people how to use the camera best place to install them and how to register device with police. that way if a crime happens investigators know who may able to p
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1